El Dorado


Our vision of the digital future is a multichain world in which assets are traded directly with no centralized intermediary to govern or abuse the process.
The El Dorado Dapp will be the web3 City Of Gold — A cross-chain platform (DEX) to conduct financial transactions in a permissionless, decentralized, non-custodial manner. All the functions of a centralized exchange (CEX), none of the risks. El Dorado Citizens will use the platform to exchange Native L1 assets, get real yield (APYs) on their crypto, and exercise self-sovereign financial freedom.
In addition to its primary function as a cross chain DEX, El Dorado will be the central development hub for Maya Protocol and its upcoming Aztec Chain — Funding, Launching, Listing, and Facilitating Transactions for Maya’s breakout decentralized companies built on Aztec.