El Dorado


Simple, Straightforward, Non-Inflationary
Tokenomics — The El Dorado token will be a Maya-native revenue share token with a total supply of 1M tokens.
Profit from our revenue streams (DEX fees, node income, and harvested investments) will be distributed on a monthly basis equally to those 1M tokens. In essence, the 1M tokens will act like fractional ownership of the El Dorado marketplace's revenue model.
We have chosen this model inspired by Maya Protocol's $MAYA model. It is simple, non-inflationary, and most importantly predicated on our viability as a platform on a unit-by-unit basis.
Volume, transactions, and platform utilization will result in revenue sent to token holders, with the monthly revenue distribution intended to incentivize lockup for a period of 30 days.
...and that's it!