El Dorado

Beginner's Guide — Zero to One

Opt out of fiat. Buy your first $BTC.
"Anyone who tries to make crypto sound complicated is trying to sound smart" — Coronado, CEO eldorado.market
El Dorado is not just a cool app for swapping BTC and gaining yield (though it's that too), it's a place for anyone, from anywhere, to opt out of fiat before their stored value is inflated away by corrupt governments and central bankers. We want the same for the American tech CEO and the Argentine Gaucho: a safe haven to store and grow value outside of the fiat system.
The global economy is teetering. The dollar is not safe. $BTC is safe. For a deep-dive into the monetary and economic future, our team recommends the Dollar Endgame series by @PeruvianBull.
In order to opt out of fiat, you need only an Onramp and a Wallet. It is easy and can be done in fifteen minutes via eldorado.market.
Simple Steps To Opt Out Of Fiat
  • Make a wallet at eldorado.market by clicking CONNECT at the top right of the El Dorado home screen then CREATE NEW KEYSTORE
  • While making a wallet, you will be given a "seed phrase" (a string of words). Save these by writing them down both digitally and physically in a place where you will not lose them. This is your backup, secure it carefully.
  • Your wallet will be saved as a file on your computer. Place it somewhere it will not get deleted and be sure to save your encryption password.
Now that you have a wallet, it's time to get your value on chain.
  1. 1.
    Use one of the onramp options linked on the El Dorado home page to "BUY BTC"
  2. 2.
    Once you have bought some BTC, send your BTC to the BTC address of your wallet made in Step 1 (this will involve finding your BTC address on the WALLET tab)
  3. 3.
    Go to eldorado.market, where you can check your balance, deposit your BTC to gain yield (like a savings account), or swap it for stablecoins or other tokens. Congratulations. You now own your value.
Have Questions? Visit our Discord and someone will help you.